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Whether you're a beginner looking to dip your toes into the world of swimming or a seasoned athlete ready to tackle high-level competition, Bluefins has got you covered.

For those just starting their aquatic journey, Bluefins offers swimming lessons that transform even the most reluctant swimmers into confident water explorers.  As you progress and gain confidence in the water, the Bluefins swimming school program provides a fantastic opportunity to enhance your skills further while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow swimmers.


If you find yourself craving a taste of thrilling competition, we have a pathway for you too. You can join our competitive swimming program as you become more proficient in the water and your competitive spirit awakens.  You'll be coached by seasoned professionals pushing you to new limits, helping you hone your technique and unlock your full potential as a competitive swimmer.

From local meets to national competitions, Bluefins swimmers plunge into a world filled with cheering crowds, adrenaline-pumping races, and the sweet taste of victory. The journey from a novice to a high-level competitor is an incredible adventure at Bluefins, filled with laughter, dedication, and the support of an amazing swimming community.

But let's not forget the fun factor! Bluefins understands that swimming isn't just about the medals and records; it's also about creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Whether you're a beginner or an aspiring champion, Bluefins is the place to be.


Dive into the world of aquatic excitement, unleash your inner water warrior, and experience the joy of swimming in a club that truly knows how to make a splash!

Tier 1: Fundamentals

Non-Competitive Swimming Club

  • WhiteFins

  • RedFins

  • YellowFins

Swimming Lesson
Woman Swimming in Pool

Tier 2: Learn to Train

From Non-Competitive to Competitive Swimming

  • Bout de Chou 1-2

  • Development 1-2

  • Espoir

Tier 3: Train to Train

Competitive Swimming

  • Age Group 1 - 2

  • Provincial Development

  • Senior Development

Swimming Race

Tier 4: Train to Compete

Competitive Swimming

  • Senior

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