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Learn the significance of Matching Couple Rings that women wear on their hands

Rings are a favorite piece of jewelry for women. Whether for example in white gold, pink, yellow, silver or platinum the rings are suitable for a variety of occasions, and they are definitely an effective symbol. They can be positioned on different fingers and reveal a lot about you. They can add a touch of elegance to your outfit, and they can reveal your emotions with subtlety and elegance. To give as a gift or please yourself, a ring is one that is sure to leave no one unsatisfied. Are you unsure which finger to wear your new ring? The Rigal jewelry store provides the reason behind the rings that women's fingers wear. If for many, the engagement ring that is worn on the left ring finger is a common practice, the reason behind wearing a ring with a different finger can remain a mystery. Remember that there's no standard or tradition to absolutely follow, leave room to your desires and even the most unique for a result that reflects your image.

Why wear a ring

Many reasons can be given to wear rings. This elegant and timeless accessory can be worn daily for aesthetic reasons. A ring is ideal for enhancing an outfit or enhances the appearance of the look of a hand. A ring could also symbolize the desire to commit to someone else. This piece of jewelry sometimes appears as a signpost to an important event in your life or an object that speaks to someone who means a lot to you. It is also a great opportunity to show off your personality or showcase your style and tastes.

At Rigal you will find an array of ring models. There is something for all, from solitaires to rings set with colored stones. We are proud to provide you with collections of rare elegance. We put all our know-how and passion at your service to create sought-after collections and creations with the most beautiful impact.

The significance of the ring on women's hands

Are you unsure of which finger to place your ring on? Let yourself be guided by the Rigal jewelry store.

Wear a ring to your finger that is a ring

Ring fingers are often associated with wedding rings and engagement rings. This finger symbolises the transition from single to married life. This custom originates from the old beliefs that say that a vein, dubbed "Vena Amoris" connects the left ring finger with the heart. It's been a popular tradition despite the fact that it is not scientifically proven. Rings worn in this location has a strong symbolism that is tied to deep love. In the West, the wedding ring is placed on the left and in Russia, Norway or Spain it is worn on the right hand. The traditions vary based on the traditions of each country.

Put a ring on your index finger

The index finger represents the power, ambition and confidence. This finger is used to point at something, such an object or direction. This is why it represents strength and it can be considered a method of attracting attention and respect.

In the past, it was the preferred location for rings bearing the family coat of arms. King and queens would wear precious stones to demonstrate their power. It was not permitted for the peasants to wear an earring here.

According to palmistry, which interprets the lines and other marks of the palm of the hand, the index finger embodies the finger of Jupiter god of gods in Roman mythology, or Zeus in Greek mythology. This is a great way to show your worthiness.

Wear a ring on your middle finger

The middle finger is the longest of the hand and often represents wisdom, responsibility and maturity. The ring worn on a woman's middle finger could indicate that she is confident or assertive. Because the middle finger is particularly visible, putting on a ring there is sure to attract the attention of others.

In Greek mythology the middle finger is associated with Dionysus, the god of celebration and wine. The concept of power and freedom is symbolized by placing rings here.

Wear a ring around your thumb

According to different cultures, the thumb can symbolize power or optimism as well as regeneration, will or strength. A ring on the left thumb of certain people means they are waiting to be loved.

Ring your little finger

The little finger is associated with emotions, intuition and communication. Wearing a ring in this point is a signal that one is listening to themselves in a way, and also communicating their feelings.

Whatever the meaning behind rings on women's hands it is important to stick to your own preferences and not the latest fashions if that doesn't fit your needs. It is essential to remember that different beliefs and interpretations are not universal.

Traditions and beliefs associated with rings

The customs and beliefs associated with rings span the ages. In Antiquity these jewels were worn by crown heads. They were thought to be a symbol for their authority, power, and power. Signet rings, and in particular the signet ring were used to seal important documents.

Other theories suggest that the ring can protect against evil spirits. It also could mean the possibility of attracting luck and prosperity.

The tradition of wedding and engagement rings is rooted in Roman Antiquity. They were then exchanged between two individuals as a sign of commitment and love.

There are a variety of different meanings for rings that women wear on their hands. They can be used to show off your personality, to mark the wedding of your loved ones, to remember a significant moment or to show off the ring, there are many reasons to wear a ring.

What is the best way to select the right ring?

When choosing the jewelry you're looking for, there are several factors to consider.

Choose a metal, diamond or precious stones, and then select the one you like, that reflects your personality, complements your style and highlights your hand;

try different sizes and shapes of rings to find one that suits you best;

measure your finger size to ensure the ring will fit.

Don't be afraid to ask a jeweler for guidance when you are choosing a ring. It's not always easy to locate that rare pearl because there are so many options.

What's the significance of rings on the fingers of males?

There are some commonalities between the meanings of rings worn by men and those that women wear. The ring finger is also reserved for marriage, bonding with others and for devotion. The thumb symbolises will and freedom of thought. A ring on the index finger reflects an ambition. The middle or middle finger is linked to notions of individuality and personal identity for certain people, but also to notions of balance or order for others. For the little finger, it is a symbol of influence, intelligence and communication.

Rigal jewelry is distinguished for its expertise, handed down from generation to generation. The House uses rigorously selected materials to offer you unique robust and durable pieces. Whatever occasion you're looking for a rings for, our designs will fail to impress you.

Although the significance of rings on women's hands can aid you in your decision-making, the most important thing is to choose a type of ring that is appealing to you. Remember that traditional practices and the latest fashions are not rules that should be applied at all costs. As we've shown you there is no one possible definition. You can wear your wedding ring on the right side if you wish. You can wear this jewel any way you wish. Your ring is a reflection of your emotions and experiences. Jewelry tells a story. It is yours.


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